Bathroom lights experience higher levels of moisture and humidity than lights in other rooms, which causes them to deteriorate more quickly. Faulty connections or loose wiring may be to blame if you notice flickering in the bathroom lights. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to attempt to repair any loose wire issues yourself.

Look At The Transformer Or Driver

Your mirrors’ LED lights both give you a perfect reflection of yourself and illuminate the surroundings. When applying makeup or shaving, they help you see more clearly. But your LED light mirror needs a strong flow of wattage in order to illuminate properly. And LEDs in mirrors can cause flickering if your home’s electrical system is under pressure.

A LED driver or transformer is the driving force behind these LED mirrors. As a result of its greater strength, the former can illuminate more bulbs while maintaining brightness. Whether your LED light mirror is powered by a driver or a transformer is immaterial; just make sure that it isn’t a broken one. If there are any issues, you should replace them. Once you have a new power supply installed, the flickering will stop.

Inrush Current From Appliances

When they first turn on, not many of the electrical appliances in your home typically use more energy. Due to the motors’ inrush current, the voltage can decrease as a result. You might notice flickering if your LED mirror is connected to the same circuit as these electrical devices. Put the dryer, refrigerator, washer, and other devices that use more voltage on a different breaker. If your appliances are already on separate breakers, you should contact a licensed electrician to further investigate the issue.

Loose Connections

Sometimes the issue causing the flickering is just a straightforward case of LED light bulbs that aren’t tightly screwed into place.  When bulbs are improperly connected to the socket, this occurs; as a result, even the smallest movement in LED bulbs can cause intermittent flickering.

The first step in resolving that issue is to firmly screw the LED light mirror’s bulbs in. As too much pressure could lead to a crack, proceed with extreme care. Even though LED lights don’t emit a lot of radiation, it’s still a good idea to put on a glove before doing this to be safe.

Dusty Or Dirty Sockets

In your LED mirrors, dust typically builds up over time on the surface of the bulbs and then leaks into the socket. The flickering could be caused by dust if you haven’t cleaned your LED light mirror in a while. It’s the ideal time to clean up the accumulated dirt in and around the LED mirror light sockets right now. Before cleaning the mirror, make sure the power is turned off. To perform a more thorough cleaning, unscrew the bulbs from their sockets.


Outdated Dimmer Switches

Dimmers switches are a frequent cause of this problem, along with other factors that contribute to LED mirrors flickering. In general, older dimmer switches don’t function well with LED mirror lights because they were designed for use with standard bulbs. If your LED mirror is connected to an outdated dimmer switch, swap it out for a new one made specifically for LED lights. Your smart mirrors’ LED lights will perform better thanks to these new switches, which are optimized for them.

Humidity Factor

In your bathroom, humidity is the biggest problem your LED light mirror faces. Although a bedroom mirror doesn’t frequently fog up after a steamy bath, this is not a problem. Due to corrosion brought on by the humidity in your bathroom’s air, your lights may eventually flicker as a result of faulty electrical connections.

By using the exhaust fan while taking showers and baths, you can easily reduce the humidity in your bathroom. Electrical issues and high humidity in your bathroom both encourage the growth of mold, which accelerates the deterioration of the paint.

A Fluctuation In Voltage

You might notice that your bathroom lights are starting to flicker if you turn on a power-hungry appliance. If this is only a short-term issue, it will resolve itself. You should hire electrical contractors to resolve the voltage problems in your home if you frequently experience voltage fluctuations because doing so could put your bathroom lights in danger of completely blowing out. Due to their inability to support the high loads of contemporary appliances, homes with outdated wiring and circuit boards frequently experience voltage fluctuations.

Final Words

To stop the flickering of your LED mirror lights, you’ll need to put in a little effort and spend a little money. However, it’s still a problem that you can solve in a day or two.

Flickering issues are typically not an issue with perfectly made smart LED mirrors. Do your research to find the best LED light mirror before you buy one for your bathroom. You will only find cutting-edge bathroom mirrors at REMER that have been certified by SAA to meet your needs for bathroom lighting and other mirror-related requirements. Check out our selection of high-quality products by visiting our website right now.

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