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The Tri-Burst LED Light is a three-paneLED LED light with 144 high-definition bulbs and an integrated motion sensor. Designed to detect movement from up to 20 feet away, this motion sensor will activate the light when it detects any movement. Each of these LED lights is designed to be twisted into any typical light socket, and each of the three panels can be individually adjusted in terms of angle.

About Tri-Burst Light

Tri-Burst by Bell and Howell will light up the attics, basements, garages, and much more. Tri-Burst is an LED Triple Panel socket light that can be quickly and easily screwed onto any standard light socket to provide CRAZY bright light in any dim or dark area.

This is due to the fact that Tri-Burst includes not one, not two, but three LED panels with 144 high-intensity LED bulbs. Because the hinge panels can be angLED in any direction, you can position the ultra-bright light wherever you need it.

Features Of Tri-Burst Light

Ultra-bright Light

While some incandescent bulbs produce as little as 265 lumens of brilliant white light, the Tri-Burst LED Light produces 6580 lumens. This three-paneLED LED light should significantly improve the illumination of a room or outdoor space when used to swap out a 60-watt incandescent bulb.


One of these lights contains 144 LED bulbs, each of which has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. One of them might last you for years before you need to replace it, depending on how frequently you use it.

No Glue Or Tools Required

There are no special tools or even glue or other adhesives required to install a Tri-Burst LED Light. To install the light, all you have to do is use one or both hands to screw it into the socket of your choice. Additionally, since you didn’t use adhesive to install the light, there won’t be any residue left behind if you ever decide to remove it. You can unscrew the light in a matter of seconds.

Can Be Used Outdoors

One of these lights can be used safely outside on a patio or deck, even though many people might prefer to use it indoors, in a shed or garage. A lack of electricity is the only factor that will restrict where you can use it.

If you decide to install an electric heater on your patio or deck where electricity is available, it should be able to withstand almost any weather condition without breaking. Given that it will prevent people from accidentally falling into a pool at night, it might be especially useful to have it nearby.


You may want to move this light from socket to socket in and around your home as needed because it can be instalLED and removed so easily. It’s small enough to fit in a car and is probably small enough for you to hold in one hand.

triburst light

Pros And Cons Of Tri-Burst Light


Detector Aids With Safety

The built-in motion detector in each of these lights will help to keep you and those around your home safe in a variety of circumstances. The light will detect the motion of approaching vehicles in addition to illuminating your path as you approach it on foot.

As a result, when you roll into your garage at night, you’ll be able to see everything very clearly. One of these lights can detect the movement of potential intruders, including animals that might harm your lawn, if it is hung directly outside your home.

Ideal For Closets

You might not have enough light in a closet at night if you hang just one incandescent bulb there. You’ll be able to see your clothing, linens, accessories, or whatever else you’ve decided to store in a specific closet more clearly if you hang a Tri-Burst LED Light in its place.

The panels of your light can even be angLED in different directions to give you a better view of the corners, crevices, and nooks in your closet if you’re having trouble finding a specific item.

Limits Need For Flashlights

People who don’t have a reliable source of light in their attic, basement, or shed might feel the need to wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight around the area. If not, almost every square foot of the room might seem dark.

However, you probably won’t need to remember to pack a flashlight any longer if you can install one of these LED lights in your basement, attic, or shed. As you search for what you need, you will be able to enjoy bright, hands-free light.


Requires Electricity

Although it is claimed that each of these LED lights won’t use as much electricity as a single 60-watt incandescent bulb, some electricity is still needed to run each of them. Since there isn’t a place to insert a battery, you must first make sure that there is an electrical source present before installing one of these lights.

You’ll also need to wire a light switch to the socket you’re going to use unless you want to leave the light’s motion detector in charge of turning it on.

Light Can’t Be Dimmed

There are just two lighting options for this kind of light: super-bright or off. There is no way to dim any of the panels if you prefer softer, less intense lighting. Not only that, but if you prefer a yellow glow to a white one, you won’t be able to alter the color of the light.

Because of this, if you want to sleep at all during the night, this light might not be the best to use as a night light. In a similar vein, if you’re trying to unwind or have a headache, it might not be the best option.

triburst light

How To Use Tri-Burst Light?

Screw Into Light Socket

Twist your Tri-Burst LED Light into any standard light socket after making sure that any existing bulbs have been removed from the socket. Although the LED panels in this light won’t burn your hands the way an illuminated incandescent bulb might, it’s best to turn the light socket off while you’re doing this.

Adjust Panels

The three panels can be adjusted by tilting them once your light has been firmly screwed into the socket to direct light precisely where you want it. One or more of the panels may need to be angLED directly towards the desk or table if you plan to work there. However, if you think you haven’t positioned the panels perfectly, don’t worry; you can always quickly adjust the angles later.

Power Up Light

Then, if the light socket you used is connected to a light switch, you can turn on your LED light by flipping the switch. If not, a motion detector will be triggered when you are about 20 feet away, causing the light to turn on automatically as you approach it.

If you want to turn off your light after using it for a while, you can either use the same switch or move away and let it shut off on its own.

Customers Reviews

  • After trying a variety of lights over the past 22 years, this is the BEST one I’ve ever used in my garage. Being able to adjust each panel allows you to choose which areas you want to be brighter than others. It is bright but not blindingly so. Because it screws in just like a regular light bulb, the installation was a breeze.
  • I like how bright the light is and how energy-efficient LED bulbs are. Since I just got the light, I can’t speak to how long it will last. Installing is as easy as screwing in a regular light bulb
  • For a brief moment, this was wonderful. expected to last the 5 years specified in the warranty, but only lasted a third of that time. This is the first Bell and Howell item we’ve purchased that fell short of our expectations.
  • The light that detects motion is mine. Purchase this light if you want to experience 30 seconds of darkness. If you stop moving for a moment, it will ALWAYS go off. It does the job of illuminating a space in my garage, but I have to keep flicking my arms to turn it back on. extremely inconvenient while working on a project. I promise you won’t regret it if you don’t purchase the motion-detecting light.
  • We have had these for two years, but in two locations in the cellar, they were only used occasionally—less than an hour a month. The amount of light was wonderful, but they cost too much to replace each year. I will not buy it again.


Tri-Burst is an LED Triple Panel socket light that can be quickly and simply screwed onto any standard light socket to transform any dim or dark area into an exceedingly bright light. Choosing to purchase this item is entirely up to you.

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