best bathroom lighting for makeup

Both our faces and the makeup stations should have better lighting. You’ll have much better makeup if there is the proper balance, temperature, and illumination. If you read this article, you’ll learn how to pick the ideal bathroom lighting for applying makeup.

Key Considerations Of Bathroom Lighting For Makeup

While overhead lighting in the ceiling or above the mirror is good for ambient lighting, it can cast shadows or produce glare that is unsuitable for shaving or applying makeup. The most attractive glow provided by the best vanity lighting mitigates these drawbacks.

Side lighting fixtures prevent harsh glare and unnatural shadows while producing a natural radiance. The layering of light is crucial: ambient lighting from the ceiling and accent side lighting for style and functionality.

Lighting From The Side

The shadows and blotches that overhead lighting produces are diminished when vanities and mirrors are lit from the side. Personal grooming is made simpler and more efficient with the help of side lights, which produce a radiance similar to that of daylight.

They also give your walls visual interest and the upscale spa vibe you want for your bathroom.
There are two main types of vanity lighting ideas: sconces and vertical light bars. Choose the best option for your bathroom since each design has specific advantages.

Sconces add a lot of style to the room’s decor. Sconces should be installed very near the mirror’s center line. Sconces should be mounted 60 inches off the ground and 28 inches apart, according to the American Lighting Association standards.

Sconces can be exchanged for vertical light bars. These typically have a slimmer profile than sconces and go well with contemporary furnishings and construction.

Bulb Basics

Selecting the proper type and color of light is among the most crucial vanity lighting advice. Each type of light bulb, including incandescent, LED, and fluorescent, emits a particular color of light and has a different level of energy efficiency.

The quality of the light is significantly influenced by the type of bulb. Residential lighting experts do not recommend using light with a color temperature between 5000K and 6500K because it produces a glow resembling that found in commercial settings like doctor’s offices.

In search of bulbs, look for ones with a color rendering index (CRI) of at least 90 and a kelvin temperature of 2700–3000K.

The lumens, which represent the efficiency and output of the bulb, should also be taken into consideration. A lumen essentially represents how much light the human eye can see.

Because they need a lot of power to produce enough lumens, incandescent bulbs are less efficient than other types.

They are simple to find, though, and they produce light with a very nice quality. Because they use a lot less energy to produce the same amount of lumens as incandescent bulbs, CFLs and LEDs are more energy-efficient.

To make sure your bathroom will have enough lighting, check the lumen ratings listed on the bulb information page.

Vanity Lighting Ideas

With the proper lighting, you can transform your bathroom into an opulent and fashionable retreat. A small chandelier might be used to create a focal point if your ceiling is high enough.

To make sure there is enough ambient light, you could also add flush mount fixtures or recessed lighting.

Next, consider vanity lighting, like wall sconces or vertical light bars. Vertical bathroom lights come in many different designs.

Frosted glass is a fantastic option for any decor, and you can choose metal accents in finishes like chrome, brushed nickel, or bronze to go with your other fixtures. Transitional style lighting is the way to go if you want a modern look.

A striking chandelier, distinctive wall sconces, or even a small lamp on your counter can all be used to complement vanity lighting. You have the most flexibility with dimmable makeup vanity lighting.

Tips On Best Bathroom Lighting For Makeup

Use Artificial Daylight Or Natural Lighting

Sitting with your back to a window should be avoided because it darkens the face and makes it harder to apply detailed makeup. To balance everything out, you’ll need additional light sources.

Use Warm Natural Light For Makeup

Makeup should be applied under artificial lighting with a color temperature of 4800–5000 Kelvins or higher. A white light that is produced in this way is very close to the temperature of natural daylight—it is neither too warm nor too cool.

Light Your Mirror From The Front

In actuality, most of us don’t have enough space. Furthermore, putting two light fixtures on the bathroom countertop may obscure the mirror if you don’t have a large mirror.

Excellent lighting is necessary for the subtleties of applying eyeshadow, blending your blush, and creating the ideal winged eyeliner. Keep the bathroom light source as close to your face as you can without making your skin look washed out in order to facilitate better up-close detailed work. 

Attach Lights Directly Onto The Bathroom Mirror

When a bathroom is dimly lit, mirror lights are a fantastic way to increase the light output. Many of these are constructed from LED strip lights, which are becoming more and more well-liked due to their simplicity in installation, brightness, and small size.

Use Led Light Bars On Either Side Of The Mirror

For the best makeup application, use the light bars on either side of the bathroom mirror. They eliminate the shadows that an unfavorable window or an overhead light may cast on your face.  

Invest In An Anti-fog Mirror

These mirrors function by incorporating a heating panel behind the surface of the mirror. Condensation on the glass is avoided as a result. Numerous of these anti-fog mirrors include LED lighting with programmable color temperature. 

Choose The Right Type Of Bulbs

Make sure to select the appropriate light bulbs if you plan to apply makeup in artificial light. 

Light bulbs come in a wide variety today, including:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Getting the best lighting for your makeup requires choosing the right kind of bulbs.

Bathroom Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Both professionals concur that white light is ideal for applying makeup because the colors will be true to tone. If white light is not an option, try to stay away from the types of lighting listed below to prevent potential beauty blunders.

Fluorescent Lighting

The light that is perhaps the furthest from natural light is cool, fluorescent white light, which can be harsh and excessively bright. Due to the lack of color on your face, you might feel the need to use excessive amounts of foundation, bronzer, or blush.

Mood Lighting

“While it’s great after you are finished with makeup, you might think you look great while applying and come out and with everything looking different,” says Riddle. Turn off the accent lights and light up your area so that you can see your face clearly.

Golden Hour Light

It’s fantastic for taking pictures, but not the best for applying makeup. Riddle claims that golden hour lighting will distort color perception and make everything appear cozier.

Yellow Light

Sometimes yellow lighting can make us appear a little worn out, which may lead to a heavy hand with powder and concealer in an effort to balance the face and cover dark spots.

While a slight hint of yellow is acceptable, stay away from anything overly warm. However, Riddle advises against using warm lighting for getting ready.

Pink Light

Though pink lighting may seem ideal in theory, it can actually be a mirage when getting ready. We frequently skip the concealer step because we look so beautiful in this lighting, only to find out after setting our makeup that we overlooked a blemish or dark spot.


When you were younger, did you ever hold a flashlight under your chin to appear menacing? So, this is the same thing going backward. Under-eye shadows frequently result from overhead and downward lighting.

If space is at a premium, your best option for application is a combination of both uplighting and downlighting.

Best Bathroom Lighting Products For Makeup

Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror

Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror

Use a travel-friendly lighted makeup mirror to bring the light closer to your face. On the market, there are countless portable cosmetic mirrors. For you to apply your makeup up close, some even have magnifying settings.


  • Three different lighting modes are available on the Rechargeable Trifold Vanity Mirror, which has 60 LED beads. natural white, white, and warm white. 
  • It folds flat for simple storage and ought to fit comfortably in a bathroom cabinet or at the countertop’s corner.

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

Ring lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including tall stands, laptop-attachment clips, and even phone-mounted lights. For your bathroom, you’ll need something like this UBeesize Selfie Ring Light, which is offered on 


  • This light is simple to mount on the bathroom vanity and can be adjusted for the ideal, balanced light. There are three light settings available: warm white, cool white, and daylight.

NexiGo Dual Selfie Ring Light

NexiGo Dual Selfie Ring Light

Try this vanity lamp that features two mounted lights with adjustable heads.


  • You can position the two 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) ring lights that are part of the NexiGo Dual Selfie Ring Light to sit on either side of your face as you apply makeup by adjusting their highly adjustable necks. 
  • You can take better photos of your makeup using the phone mount that is included with the ring light.

Hollywood Glam Style Makeup Mirror Lights

Hollywood Glam Style Makeup Mirror Lights

Consider the LPHUMEX LED Vanity Mirror Lights, which are semi-permanent lights, which are offered on The lights can be dimmed and are waterproof. Installation is simple and hassle-free, and the cost is fair. 


  • stick to the frame
  • you can remove them using an adhesive remover

Removable Led Mirror Lights

Removable Led Mirror Lights

You could also choose these portable LED mirror lights, which are simple to attach to the mirror and remove using the suction cups and clips provided. 


  • two dimmable lights capable of three different levels of brightness

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