Planted Aquarium Lights

The proper lighting is crucial for owning a successful planted aquarium. Choosing the best LED planted aquarium light is one of the most essential aspects of maintaining a planted aquarium. You should consider its color, light intensity, your budget, etc. Read this article and learn how to pick the best planted aquarium light. We also list the 5 best planted aquarium lights for you to choose from.

How To Pick The Best Planted Aquarium Light

Color Spectrum

Since aquarium plants can grow in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures, the color spectrum actually doesn’t matter that much when it comes to growing them. We don’t want to look at aquarium lights that are too red or blue, so the decision mostly comes down to personal preference.

Since this neutral white light is thought to most closely mimic natural daylight, many hobbyists prefer to use it. Simply put, you can choose a light with almost any color spectrum as long as it isn’t too blue (like those used to grow saltwater corals).

Light Intensity

How bright of light should you get? First of all, it depends on the kind of aquarium plants you want to grow. Anubias, cryptocoryne (or crypts), ferns, and other low-maintenance plants can be grown under low lights (or low-intensity lights).

With the exception of the picky carpeting plants, medium lights are ideal for stem plants and the majority of other species. Any kind of plant can be grown in high lights, but to keep up with the rapid plant growth and reduce algae blooms, carbon dioxide (CO2) injection is frequently necessary.

Since low-light plants are some of the hardiest, most beginner-friendly species, we advise most people to start with them because of the complexity that comes with high-light planted aquariums.

Light Spread

How much the light disperses or spreads is the final category to take into account. The majority of aquarium lights have a good 1-foot light spread directly below them, which means that plants outside of that window won’t receive as much light and possibly won’t grow as well.

Planted Aquarium Lights

In contrast, a shop light has a broad light spread because it is intended to illuminate an entire space. (Just remember that a shop light’s color spectrum might not accurately depict the hues of your plants and fish.)

Plant Type

Different species of plants require different levels of light intensity to grow and perform photosynthesis.

While some plants need very strong lighting, others, like plants that grow in the middle of the ground, benefit from subtle lighting. Not only that, but the number of plants in your aquarium also influences the type of LED system you should have in your fish tank

If you want to promote better development in your plants, expose them to a brighter light source for a more extended amount of time.

Use aquarium LED lights with a lower wattage if you want to restrict growth. In other words, knowing the type of plants you have in your aquarium will help you choose the right LED lights for them.

Light Color

The spectrum, which is measured in Kelvin, determines the color of light. Freshwater plants are more tolerant and may use a broader spectrum than saltwater plants.

For them, temperatures between 5500K and 6500K are sufficient. However, saltwater corals require a specific actinic light to grow and develop.

Saltwater Or Freshwater

There is a significant difference between how you install your Setup instructions for a freshwater aquarium’s LED lighting system and a saltwater aquarium. Corals in saltwater aquariums need specific actinic light, while the plants in freshwater aquariums do not.

Plants in a freshwater tank do not benefit from the intense blue light. In order to properly light your aquarium, you must first take into account the type of aquarium you have.


Numerous aquarium lighting options are available, as was already mentioned. Each alternative has distinctive qualities that work best with particular kinds of fish tanks.

That’s why you should take your aquarium type and requirements into account before investing. The objective is to buy the best aquarium setup you can without spending money on extra features that won’t work with your aquarium.

5 Best Planted Aquarium Light

Finnex Planted Aquarium Led Light


  • 24/7 light cycle
  • Can be customized
  • Value for money


  • The 24/7 cycle is not customizable

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED KLC is one of the best lights in the market. It is a flexible lighting system for various tank sizes because it comes in sizes ranging from 20 to 48 inches.

Your tank’s plants benefit from a natural environment thanks to these lights. The most prominent characteristic of these lights is the automated dawn and sunset setting. So it is the best choice to pruchase from all aspects.

Furthermore, the 7000K temperature provides a brilliant cool tone that allows the plants to perform photosynthesis. A starry night, thunderstorms, and even a gloomy day are among the additional settings available in addition to dawn and sunset.

Fluval Plant 3.0 Planted Aquarium Lighting


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Programmable
  • Premium build quality


  • Expensive

The Fluval Plant 3.00 LED is one of the best lighting systems for planted aquariums on the market. The seamless Bluetooth integration and mobile application that puts total lighting control in your hands are what set it apart.

You can make your own presets in the app, or it comes with a ton of ready-to-use presets. So it is the best choice for those who have a good command of apps.

Finnex Stingray Aquarium Led Light


  • Great for small and shallow tanks
  • Ultra-thin structure
  • Affordable


  • The unit is not customizable

If you are looking for a decent LED lighting system for your planted tank but are limited by a fixed budget, we highly recommend checking out the LED Stingray lights by Finnex. So if you want to save money, it is the best choice for you.

It is highly efficient and incorporates modern technology 660NM lights that are ideal for photosynthesis. Additionally, it works for small to medium-sized tanks, allowing you to have a well-lit aquarium without breaking the bank.

Koval Aquarium Lighting


  • Affordable
  • High-quality lighting system
  • Wide color range


  • Extension brackets don’t lock into position very well

The Koval Aquarium Fish Tank Light Hood is the ideal option if you want a bright LED fish tank light. The LEDs are quite bright, and it comes in five different colors. They are created to be as effective and energy-saving as possible. So it is the best choice for those who want to save energy.

Additionally, it uses little energy and can help you save money while providing adequate lighting for your fish tank.

Beamswork Da Fspec Aquarium Light


  • Natural spectrum
  • Value for money
  • Simple and sleek design


  • No additional features

The Beamswork Da Fspec LED Aquarium light is a basic LED system designed solely for freshwater aquarium lighting. While it lacks the advanced features of all the other units, it is ideal for people on a tight budget. So it is the best choice for those who want to save money on aquarium light.

Because of its straightforward yet high-quality features, this light fixture is one of the most widely used less expensive alternatives.

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