Tanning Bed Bulbs

Knowing how to change tanning bed bulbs is a crucial element of maintenance if you have invested in a home sunbed or own a salon and want to save money on labor.

Tanning bed bulb replacement is as easy as unplugging, removing the acrylic shield, changing the bulbs, and reinstalling the shield. After a few attempts, it will become second nature even if the first time it will feel overwhelming.

Let’s dissect these steps and see what should be done at each level in greater depth.

The most widely used sunbed models can be used with the following step-by-step instructions on how to replace tanning bed bulbs.

When to Replace Tanning Bed Bulbs

It’s crucial to maintain track of your UV tanning bulbs and be aware of when to replace them if you want your tanning bed to continue functioning properly and providing you an even full-body tan.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that tanning bed bulbs can become faulty before they burn out.

Tanning bulbs don’t flicker and lose their power like conventional fluorescent tube lights. Their ability to create UVA and UVB rays that resemble the sun’s radiation is the only factor contributing to their effectiveness. This UV exposure has advantages, but there are also well-known cancer hazards. Be careful!

Even while your bulb is still shining, it might only be producing a small portion of the expected UV light output.

Bulb life for tanning beds should typically be 1,000 hours. The bulbs will be working at a significantly lesser potency by the time they reach 1,000 hours, though.

You should aim to change your bulbs after 500 hours of use for this reason.

Given that a tanning session lasts just around 10 minutes on average, most home users will only need to change the bulbs a few times throughout the tanning bed’s lifespan.

However, there’s a significant possibility you’ll need to update those bulbs if you own a tanning clinic or if the tanning bed is used by numerous family members.

See our post on how to test tanning bed bulbs if you’re not sure if your bulbs are still functional. You should keep note of how long you’ve been using your tanning bed lamps.

How To Change Tanning Bed Bulbs: Step-By-Step

It’s time to provide you all the instructions you need to change tanning bed bulbs now that you pretty much know everything there is to know about the bulbs!

This breakdown teaches you the fundamentals applicable to almost all tanning beds, but be sure to read your tanning bed’s handbook first.

Step 1: First, turn off your tanning bed for safety. 

Always unplug the tanning bed and check that there is no electricity going to it before tinkering with your bulbs. Particularly in regard to 220 volt beds,

Step 2: Note Every Important Detail

To see all of the relevant details, including wattage, bulb type, and other details, the writing on the bulbs should be facing up.

Before you go and order some random bulbs that don’t fit, be sure to write it all down.

Step 3: Remove the plastic acrylic shielding.

Never attempt to “muscle” the plastic sheeting covering the bed out of the bed. The acrylic should be held in place by a safety clamp. The piece of shielding should fall out easily after you locate the clamp and loosen it.

Check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you’re having difficulties locating the clamp.

Step 4: Remove Your Bulbs

Grip the bulb with two hands and turn it by a quarter turn to release the prongs from the socket. The bulb should be able to be lifted out straight. Keep in mind that these bulbs are very delicate. Be careful in every movement you make; else, you’ll have a tremendous mess to clean up.

Lay the bulbs out on the floor in the same order that you removed them if your bed has two zones. You can keep track of where to put the new bulbs by doing this.

Step 5: Insert The New Bulb

Make sure everything is in its proper place, then install the new bulbs by sliding the prongs into the socket and turning the socket a quarter turn to secure the bulb.

The bulb’s wording need to be facing up toward the acrylic.

Step 6: Replace the acrylic shielding.

The two acrylic shielding sheets should be slid back into the slots in the same manner that you removed them, and then the secure clamp should be closed over them to seal them.

Step 7: Plug in your tanning bed and test it

The last step is to reconnect the power cord to your tanning bed, turn it on, and check that all of the lights are bright.

Where to Look for Replacement Bulbs

You can search online or visit a store that carries your specific model of sunbed to find replacement bulbs for tanning beds.

It is crucial to confirm that the bulbs work with your particular model. This ought to be made abundantly apparent on the product package or description.

The Wolff SunQuest Pro 16e is compatible with this bulb set.

Lamps that work with Wolff, Solar Rayz, and Sunfit beds are available on Amazon.


Now that the subject of “How to change tanning bed bulbs?” has been covered.

Changing the bulbs in your tanning bed will be considerably simpler for you than it was previously.

But keep in mind to use caution when using such a device.

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