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Headlight alignment issues, dimming, grazing, and flaking lens surface. Replacement is necessary if any of those ring a bell. Learn how to change the headlight assemblies on your Honda Accord and how to change the headlight bulbs in a Honda Accord by continuing to read.

In order to drive safely, headlight integrity is essential. Accident risk can be significantly reduced with proper maintenance. Broken headlights reduce your visibility while driving at night, and visibility is a two-way street (seeing and being seen). To reduce the risk on the road, follow the instructions in this article on how to remove the headlight assembly from your Honda Accord.

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How to Replace Your Headlight Assembly

Materials Needed

  • 10 mm and 8 mm socket
  • Socket wrench
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1 – Pop the Hood and Detach the Light Bulb Connectors

  • Make sure to turn off the headlights before starting any repairs.
  • The headlight assemblies’ backs contain the connectors for the headlight wiring. They fit most vehicles with a twist. Pull the housings while the bulbs are still attached after rotating the connectors. The plastic connectors could break if you push too hard.

Pro Tip

Avoid using your bare hands to touch the headlight bulbs. The bulb will develop hot spots as a result, reducing its lifespan.

Step 2 – Remove the Front Bumper Attachment Clips and the Bumper

  • With the aid of an 8 mm socket wrench, remove the bolts from the bumper’s bottom corners.
  • On the bumper’s bottom, look for the plastic pins. Pop the push pin heads up with a flathead screwdriver, then take out the entire push pin assembly from the holes. As shown in Figure 4, many of these push pins are found on the plastic undertray.
  • The top of the bumper is equipped with four clips. Holding the bumper in place, gently lift it as you pull it away from the car to release the clips. then take off the bumper.

Step 3 – Remove the Headlight

  • Three 10 mm bolts hold a metal support bracket in place beneath the headlight. After removing the bolts, take the bracket off.
  • Underneath the headlight, two more 10 mm bolts need to be removed. The upper support bracket that connects the headlight to the upper tie bar of the radiator support must also be taken off.

Step 4 – Install New Headlight

After aligning the mounting brackets, the replacement housing should slide into position. All that is needed is a simple reassembly after a preliminary fitment test. Removal is followed by reinstallation.

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in a Honda Accord

Whether your headlights are burned out or they’re simply too bright, studies show that headlights are often directly tied to accidents. Your headlights, or lack thereof, when driving at night could even mean the difference between life and death. While some people would prefer to go the more do-it-yourself route, others would rather take their car into a shop and have a mechanic handle the task. It’s worth thinking about doing it yourself because changing the headlight bulbs is one of the simpler auto repairs.

We have a quick guide for you right here if you have a Honda Accord and are interested in learning how to make this swap!

A Quick Note About Honda Accord Years

We need to quickly note the variations between model years before we start our Honda Accord headlight replacement. This guide may not be 100 percent accurate to your specific model year. The procedure for more recent models (2013 and newer) will be generally covered in this article.

Consider searching for Honda’s user manuals if you have a different model year or find that this manual does not apply to your situation. You can search by year and model, and then navigate to a PDF file of the “owner’s manual.”

Changing the Headlight Bulb on a Honda Accord

Ordering your parts first may be something you want to think about. Only the headlights themselves will be necessary, so be sure to have vinyl or latex gloves on hand in addition. When installing your Honda Accord headlight bulb, this will be crucial. Make sure your car is parked, the engine is off, the keys are out, and the headlights are off before continuing.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the guide…

1. Pop Open the Hood

Even though it seems easy, you need to enter that area in order to work.

Pull the release latch, which is typically found on the driver’s side beneath the steering wheel, toward the floor to lift your hood. A picture of the hood opening upward should be on the latch if you’re unsure.

There should be a release lever under the hood’s center, so go there. Typically, to unlock it, you have to pull up on that latch.

Utilizing one of the hood’s retention holes, insert the folded arm that is on the front of the hood into the hole. Utilize the opening that keeps the hood high enough to be out of the way.

2. Get to the Headlight Bulb

The headlight assembly’s back will allow you access to the lightbulbs. Depending on the model year you own, this situation can become complicated.

For instance, the battery can get in the way of the driver-side low beam and turn signal bulbs on some Honda Accord models. For some years, you might not be able to reach it without completely removing the tire, depending on the size of your hand.

But more often than not, the air intake cover may be the only obstruction, making removal easier.

3. Remove the Wires

You must take the wires out after you’ve gotten to the lightbulbs. The connector, which has a tab on it, is how they are connected to the lightbulbs.

Pulling the connector away from the bulb requires pushing on the lower half of the tab. This ought to completely get rid of the wire.

4. Remove the Lightbulbs

Typically, your headlight bulbs will be at a 90-degree angle. Therefore, the portion of the headlamp assembly that protrudes downward

To turn the bulb counterclockwise, grab hold of it at the proper angle. This ought to release the latch, allowing it to be removed without further assistance.

5. Attach New Lightbulb

Important Note: Use vinyl or latex gloves whenever you handle a brand-new bulb. The oils from your hands can damage lightbulbs and greatly decrease their lifespan or cause them to not work whatsoever.

Despite everything, handle bulbs carefully because they are also brittle.

In most cases, you can simply insert the replacement headlight bulb into the headlight assembly and lock it in place by turning the bulb clockwise. However, because the bulb must be inserted in a particular manner, you might need to use trial and error to get it right.

6. Reattach Wires

The wires must now be reattached.

Put the connector on the end of the light bulb by simply pushing it onto the wire (or wires, if you’re replacing multiple bulbs). They should cinch into position.

7. Test Your Headlight Bulb

Finally, get inside, start the engine, turn on the headlights, and make sure everything is operational. Check to see that the light is equally strong on both sides.

You’re all done, congratulations!

A Quick Note About Different Lightbulbs

You have multiple lightbulb options when replacing your headlight bulbs:

  • Halogen
  • HID
  • LED

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Halogen lightbulbs are the most common. They are inexpensive filament lightbulbs that are simple to use.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs illuminate with gas rather than a filament. They have a tendency to last longer and are brighter and more effective. They cost more, though, and depending on your car, they might need a conversion kit.

LED bulbs are pretty new to the automotive world. They are even brighter, more efficient, and last longer, plus they don’t generally require a conversion kit. They will, however, be your most expensive choice.

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Freshen Up Your Honda Accord

Being able to repair a Honda Accord yourself makes it even better because they are among the best, most dependable vehicles available. If you’re feeling DIY, changing the headlight bulbs on an Accord is a particularly simple task.

Nevertheless, some of us are reluctant to attempt even the simplest do-it-yourself repairs. Some people merely want to be confident in the expertise of others.

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