Integrated LED

Most homeowners are now aware of how inexpensive it is to increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy costs by installing LED lighting. Manufacturers are increasingly choosing to incorporate LEDs directly into their goods.

But is that good news for the consumer? An integrated LED light fixture is a great option if you’re looking for a distinctive piece that complements your space and makes it stand out. 

What Is An Integrated Led

A lighting fixture with integrated LEDs is one that has the LEDs built right into the luminaire. In contrast, a typical lamp setup has a spot to swap out a regular light bulb.

The low or line voltage electrical systems can directly connect to integrated LED lights. The light fixture provides an electrical current to the LED microchips, which together produce white light, in order to produce light.

A LED light setup is very adaptable and enables integrated LED fixtures to go beyond standard lighting, ceiling fans, and recessed luminaires.

LED lighting can be as basic as a strip used in dark areas or as complex as a ceiling fixture that resembles a work of art.

No matter the scale, these fixtures combine the benefits of LED lighting with a distinctiveness that sets them apart from conventional fixtures.


  • Longer lifetime rating than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs
  • Longer lifetime rating than screw-in LED bulbs
  • More control over light output and appearance
  • Easier to control in terms of dimming

The lifespan of integrated LED bulbs is even higher than that of screw-in LED bulbs because of the way they are installed. Additionally, they are significantly more energy-efficient and more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Installation is more complicated than a screw-in bulb
  • Up-front cost is higher
  • Difficulty in upgrading

An integrated LED lighting fixture may cost more upfront, but over the course of its lifespan, an LED bulb will more than make up for its initial investment in cost savings. Additionally, installation costs can be largely ignored because many LED bulbs have a lifespan of more than twenty years.

Integrated LED

Where To Use Integrated LED Light Fixtures At Home

The versatility and functionality a product adds to a space is a true indicator of its value. Integrated LED lighting fixtures add beauty and functionality to any indoor or outdoor area. The following lighting configurations and areas may benefit from an integrated LED fixture.


A popular and useful way to light a home is with ceiling lights. For ceilings, there are a variety of integrated LED light fixture options that can complement both edgy and understated aesthetics:

  • Pendants: LED pendant fixtures show a single medium- to large-sized hanging light that is suspended from a chain or rod. Depending on your taste in design, pendant lights may be simple and cylindrical or elaborate and chandelier-like.
  • Mini pendant: Mini pendant LED fixtures to provide simplified or scaled-down renditions of pendant light. These options are fantastic if you have a small space and don’t need a statement light.
  • Multiple pendants: The ability to hang multiple small pendants at various heights is provided by integrated fixtures with multiple pendants. A practical LED light is produced as a result, along with an undeniably beautiful, flowing effect.
  • Flush mount: For a streamlined and low-profile appearance, a flush mount integrated LED fixture is mounted flat against the ceiling. These choices are fantastic for spaces with constrained ceiling height or for spaces where larger fixtures are inappropriate.
  • Semi-flush mount: Usually, a small canopy at the ceiling envelops semi-flush mount LED fixtures. These lights are more decorative than flush mount fixtures while still taking up less room.


Overhead light glare is reduced by integrated LED wall-mounted lights, which provide illumination. There are numerous wall options that look great in a variety of rooms, including:

  • Living rooms: With an integrated LED sconce fixture, you can give your living room a little atmosphere. To get the desired look, pick from a variety of subtle or pronounced designs and finishes. You can create a relaxing environment for reading or watching movies with dimmable LED features.
  • Bathrooms: Your bathroom can benefit from an integrated LED bathroom sconce or vanity light. To create a station for applying makeup and general use, frame a large mirror with sufficient lighting. With dimmable LED lights, you can make the fixtures softer for evening use and brighter when you need maximum visibility.
  • Bedrooms: Install an integrated LED sewing light fixture close to a bed to provide convenient reading light. These choices maintain a cozy evening atmosphere while emitting enough light to allow for reading visibility.
  • Offices: To draw attention to a picture or piece of art, use LED wall picture lights in an office or gallery. A picture light that is mounted on top of an artwork casts a soft light over it to highlight it day or night.


For a virtually seamless appearance, recessed integrated LED fixtures are installed directly into a ceiling, wall, or floor. In the following configurations, these adaptable lights present a sleek appearance:

  • Recessed downlights: Various beam spreads of light are projected from the ceiling by recessed LED downlights. While providing light that is comparable to traditional lighting options, these fixtures give a space a contemporary appearance.
  • several recessed lights Recessed multiple downlights provide a variety of LED light configurations that can be positioned strategically. Depending on your needs, each fixture can have two to four lights.
  • Recessed linear lighting An integrated linear recessed LED light provides a strip of lighting on a wall or ceiling. Any space will look functional and contemporary with these fixtures.

Make sure to use a fixture that is ideal for your project if you intend to add recessed LED lights to an existing room or a newly renovated space. Based on the dimensions of the plenum space and the height of the ceiling, you can make accommodations for your recessed luminaires if you’re installing lighting fixtures for a new construction project.


Multiple lights are a part of integrated LED track lighting, which is suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a track. To personalize this choice, add movable track heads or pendants. Track lights are a great option for illuminating galleries or giving a space a distinctive feel.

Under Cabinet

A kitchen counter or cabinetry can be illuminated with integrated LED under cabinet lighting to improve visibility and safety. There are useful under-cabinet options available, regardless of whether you prefer complete lighting or require it for a particular area:

  • LED strips and tape: Consider adding an integrated LED strip or tape around the edge of the cabinets for a low-profile, straightforward under-cabinet option. For a comprehensive display you can use and enjoy, you can add this lighting under wall cabinets.
  • Bar lights: Bright coverage is provided where you need it thanks to an integrated LED bar light. For a personalized experience, install it under all cabinets or a select few.
  • Lights on a puck and a button: Concise under cabinet lighting is provided by integrated LED button lights. If you don’t require extensive coverage, these fixtures offer a straightforward solution.

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