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An outdoor light called the Bionic Floodlight is made up of three light-up panels and a solar panel that is specifically made to power them. It has many advantages and disadvantages. Read this review of Bell and Howell’s bionic floodlight and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Bionic Floodlight

The Solar Powered Motion-Activated, multi-directional Bionic Floodlight by Bell and Howell absorbs the sun’s energy all day long using an onboard solar panel so that at night it will cast a beam of light.

Installations or wiring are not necessary. Additionally, the Bionic Floodlight’s three separate panels each have the ability to detect motion and turn on 108 high-intensity LED bulbs to produce a powerful beam of light.

Features Of Bionic Floodlight

More Than 100 Led Bulbs

Each of these floodlights has 144 high-intensity white LED bulbs when the three illuminated panels are taken into account collectively. Along with being extremely bright, you can anticipate that these bulbs will last up to 100,000 hours before they burn out because this is standard for LED bulbs.

Lights Up 1,000 Square Feet

This floodlight’s bulbs, when turned on, will illuminate a space that is at least 1,000 square feet large, if not more. This is about an eighth the size of a typical backyard. You can experiment with tilting all three panels in different directions to increase the area that your floodlight will be able to illuminate.

Bionic Floodlight


Your Bionic Floodlight won’t ever need to be taken inside because it can withstand inclement weather like rain, wind, and snow without suffering damage. However, after the inclement weather has passed, wipe any water and snow off the solar panel and LED panels to achieve the best lighting results.

Strobe Light Option

If you feel the need, you can change your solid floodlight into a flashing strobe light using your wireless remote control. This choice may be useful if an intruder—a person or an animal—appeals in your yard or on your deck and you want to frighten them away.

The strobe light will also quickly go out once movement has stopped in front of it, just like the solid light.

Pros Of Bionic Floodlight

No Wiring Involved

You won’t have to deal with any potentially hazardous wiring tasks or locate someone else to wire the light for you in order to install one of these floodlights on your property. Instead, the light will start operating as soon as it is installed and has received about a day of sunlight.

Screws and a screwdriver may be the only tools you need to use during the installation process. Your floodlight will still function if your electricity is out because it is solar-powered.

Detects Motion Of Vehicles

The Bionic Floodlight can detect the motion of cars, and other vehicles, including bicycles, in addition to the feet of people or animals. When you get out of your car, you won’t have to walk through the dark to get to your house if you install one close to your driveway.

If you’re worn out from the gym or you’re carrying a ton of heavy bags from the store, you might find this to be a relief.

Good Camping Light

Bring along this floodlight if you’re going camping and your campsite won’t have electricity to reduce the need for flashlights.

Once you get there, all you have to do is stick the solar-powered light in the ground, and you can hang out in the evening and beyond with most of your campsite being illuminated.

You won’t have to worry about aiming a flashlight in the general direction of the food preparation area if you’re preparing food at night while using your hands-free.

Makes Pools Safer

Electric lights near pools can be dangerous, but leaving your pool in the dark at night when children are playing nearby is also dangerous.

Fortunately, there may be a good answer to this problem in the Bionic Floodlight. You can put it next to your pool to illuminate the deck and the water’s surface without running the risk of electrocution that a similar-sized electric light can.

Cons Of Bionic Floodlight

No Dimming Switch

You have two lighting options when using the Bionic Floodlight: high-intensity white light, or no light at all. If you’re looking for a little soft white illumination, you’re out of luck because the wireless remote control lacks a dimming feature.

Non-adjustable Solar Panel

The Bionic Spotlight has numerous flaws, according to our product experts. The reviews claim that the spotlight’s solar panel cannot be adjusted. These panels are typically adjustable in ways similar to lights, allowing for maximum solar energy absorption.

Not A Night Light

One reviewer laments the lack of a “stay on” feature that would have allowed the Bionic Spotlight to be used as a night light. “It is only a spotlight; I was looking for something that could serve as both a spotlight and a night light.

Because there are much better options on the market that suit his need for a spotlight and night light, he says in his review that he would not purchase the Bionic Spotlight.

No Lamp-post

The requirement to screw these Bionic Spotlights into vertical structures like walls is mentioned by another reviewer.

However, this configuration may make it difficult for the solar spotlight to work properly because a building above or to the side of it may block the sun. The solar panel on a solar light is typically mounted on a lamppost so that it is exposed to the sky above. Sadly, a lamppost is not included with the Bionic Spotlight.

Another customer writes in his review, “Unlike a lamp-post, which you can move around your property, once you fix the Bionic spotlights to a wall, it is pretty much a permanent fixture.”

No Settings

Then there are reviews that claim the light lacks controls to alter the LED lights’ brightness. The light’s and the solar panel’s directions cannot both be changed.

Bionicspotlight.com Is Not Very Bright

Despite having eight LED bulbs, many users complain that these Bionic Spotlights are not as bright as they anticipated. However, one user claims that all solar-powered lighting is typical “dimmer” than electric lighting.

These spotlights won’t be very useful to you if your driveway is long. “If you are looking for super bright LED light, then the Bionic Spotlight is not the light to go for”, one review reveals.

How To Use Bionic Floodlight

Insert In Ground Or Mount

You can choose a location for your Bionic Floodlight in the ground or a pole or post to mount it on to get started. Remember that the included stake must be fastened to the floodlight and driven into the grass if you want to bury it in the ground.

The mount is included if you choose the mounting option, but you’ll need to supply your own screws and a screwdriver. Whichever option you go with, the light needs to be placed fairly close to your house.

Adjust Panels (optional)

You’ll see that your floodlight has three light-up panels: one at the bottom, one on the left, one on the right, and one at the top with the solar panel. The panels will tip upward, downward, and to either side, so you can either leave them as-is or change their angles to best suit your lighting needs.

If you don’t change your panels now, you can later after you’ve seen what your floodlight looks like when it’s on.

Leave Light For A Day

You must leave the light unattended for roughly a day in order for the solar panel on your floodlight to be able to collect energy from the sun. If your property is very sunny, a few hours may be sufficient. Your light will later be powered by the energy that the solar panel is able to collect.

Turn On Light At Night

You’ll be able to turn on your light once it is sufficiently powered up and it is getting dark outside. You can turn it on by simply approaching it, but you can also turn it on with the wireless remote control, even from inside your home.

If there is no motion detected for a predetermined period of time, the light will shut off.

Price Of Bionic Floodlight

One Bell + Howell Bionic Spotlight costs $19.95, and a second spotlight costs an additional $6.95. For $27, you are getting two Bionic Spotlights. Product experts point out that these Bionic Spotlights are inexpensive but offer very little in the way of value.

They are only intended to be a “spotlight,” not a full-fledged night light, which is a crucial component of any outdoor light. Only the official BionicSpotlight.com website sells the Bionic Spotlight.

The official website’s promotion is designed to entice you into purchasing two spotlights as part of a “bundled” offer for $26.90, or $13.45 per Bionic Spotlight.

However, given the complaints and poor reviews, it’s possible that you’ll have to send the lights back, and you’ll still have to pay $6.95 in postage for each light! Postage for returning the Bionic Spotlight costs $13.90.

On the official website, there isn’t a way to purchase just one spotlight.

Limitations Of Bionic Floodlight

There are drawbacks to using solar-powered lights, such as the fact that the batteries don’t fully recharge in cloudy or cold weather.

The performance of the Bionic floodlights can also be affected by the presence of large trees nearby, which may prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the solar panels, lowering their efficiency.

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