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More frequently than you might imagine, motorcycles are involved in rear-end collisions. The flash of a brake light, however, is crucial for safety. We check our mirrors to make sure the driver behind us is aware we are slowing down. For being extremely visible, Brake Free light can be a clever and simple solution. For more information on the Brake Free light, please read this article.

Brake Free Light

With a small 3M VHB adhesive mount that is snap on and snap off, the Brake Free, Smart Brake Light is a stylized ruggedized hard plastic housing that fastens securely to the back of the helmet.

100 ultra-bright LEDs are arranged in four panels or layouts on the left and right perimeter, as well as the upper and lower center points, in a distinct eye-catching pattern.

A large visual output footprint created by these layouts and lensing, whether it be during the day or at night, immediately increases your visibility (conspicuity) to other drivers on the road and makes the rider a much more recognizable component of the motorcycle/rider combination there.

It’s impossible to miss this distinctive and extremely bright output, which is made possible by two integrated sensors and a sophisticated processing algorithm that seamlessly detects “Braking” (brake actuation, dynamic braking (off-throttle or downshifting), and rapid deceleration (emergency braking actions) and activates all 100 ultra-bright LEDs at full output.

The module is large in comparison to competing products, but given its styling, efficient use of ultra-bright perimeter lighting, large visual output footprint, and fact that it is entirely self-contained, it all works and does so in abundance.

The Brake Free product is as plug-and-play as it gets thanks to the integration of all essential components, including hardware, firmware, and power, onboard. It instantly improves visibility and is difficult to miss when you turn it on and choose your preferred mode (Active, Pulsing, or Stealth).

And if some initial visual aid is required regarding Brake Free output, the lead video on their website is a great place to start in demonstrating just how efficient and attractive Brake Free is.


  • Extremely bright and attention-grabbing
  • Easy setup and use
  • Doesn’t affect helmet aerodynamics
  • Excellent customer service


  • Weight takes a bit to get used to


  • 100 ultra-bright LEDs create a large helmet-mounted brake light
  • Large distinctive visual ‘footprint’, LEDs have a 120-degree viewing angle
  • Detects all deceleration events – braking or dynamic braking (engine/downshifting)
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery, 2950 mAh Li-Ion, typical 8-12 hrs ON time
  • Module is 184mm x 84mm x 30.40mm (7.24in x 3.3in x 1.57in) Width/Height/Thickness
  • Aerodynamic design and lightweight – 200gr or 7.05oz
  • Easily swapped between helmets with additional mounting used
  • Stand-alone unit, self-contained with LEDs, sensors, and rechargeable batteries
  • One button control – On/Off, mode selection
  • IP65 – rated for all-weather riding use
  • Micro-USB charging port with weather-cap – 5V DC, 1A max charging rate
  • Universal mount with 3M VHB adhesive, simple engagement – snap on/snap off
  • Range of operating temperatures: -20C to 60C (-4F to 140F)
  • Temperature range for charging: 0C to 45C (32F to 113F)

How Brake Free Works

The Brake Free’s functionality and output are based on wireless brake detection technology, which combines a gyroscope (for orientation and angular velocity) and an accelerometer (for proper acceleration) with a potent, patented brake detection algorithm to autonomously detect slowing down, braking, engine braking, or downshifting.

Brake Free offers three different types of braking output based on the underlying principles and the technology: regular braking output, – when front or rear brakes are engaged; deceleration or engine braking – when rolling off the throttle or downshifting without motorcycle brakes being activated; and, emergency braking actions – that trigger a special output pattern.

The user can select one of three preset visual output modes, Active, Pulsing, or Stealth, which are all covered in the Brake Free Functionality Section below.

Additionally, Emergency Braking Mode, Sleep Mode, Low Battery Mode, and Overheating Mode are the three (actually four) pre-programmed automatic modes that are fixed in place and cannot be changed in Brake Free.

brake free helmet lights

How To Install The Brake Free On A Helmet

I believe it’s crucial to note that a Brake Free Light won’t fit all helmets before making a purchase. My Brake Free light was originally going to be mounted on a Bell Carbon Star. However, it was impossible because the lower back edge of that helmet has an angular ridge, making it impossible.

The Brake Free Light has a smooth, curved mounting surface. I suppose I was just unlucky because Brake Free claims they successfully tested the unit’s fitment on numerous helmets. Fortunately, I own more than one helmet in my collection of riding gear, and it perfectly fits my AGV K6.

Simple instructions are provided for installing Brake Free. When the packaging is opened, a 3M bracket and a mounting template are inside.

The first step is to choose the unit’s ideal location manually. Mark the center and sides of the unit on your helmet with a whiteboard marker, if you have one.

You then use tape to attach the template to your helmet, where you can then double-check the positioning and alignment.

After cleaning the area where the bracket will go, you should carefully peel the 3M pad off of its backing and stick it to your helmet. You can attach the Brake Free Light to the bracket once it has had enough time to cure.

It is simply slid onto the bracket until it clicks into place and locks. When necessary, the unit can be removed from the bracket once more, and Brake Free sells extra brackets so you can use the same unit on several different helmets.

User Selectable Output Modes

The Power or Control button can be used by the user to select one of the main Output Modes. Each subsequent push of the button cycles the Brake Free through the output modes once it has been turned on and has completed its self-check cycle (indicated by three pulses of the center LEDs).

The current Mode setting is retained when the system is restarted after the Brake Free has been turned off.

Active Mode

As a running or taillight for always-on visibility, all four LED panels are continuously on at a 20 percent power output. When braking is detected, the light panels turn on at full power (100%) for the duration of braking and then switch back to running light mode.

Pulsing Mode

The center panels are always on in this mode, but for more eye-catching visibility, the side LED panels pulse at 20% output. For the duration of the braking event and then switching back to the pulsing pattern, all four LED panels activate to full output when braking is detected.

Stealth Mode

This is the most basic mode, with only the center LEDs continuously on at 20% output to operate the taillights. When braking, all four light panels switch to full output for the duration of the braking event before switching back to taillight output at a constant 20 percent.

Customers’ Comments

  • This performs as expected. There is no need to be concerned about it each time you get off the bike because it does not require daily charging. My concern was that it would make the helmet too heavy. Not so, the extra weight was barely noticeable. Any additions that reduce my cagers’ ability to see me are welcome. The installation process was straightforward, but it took some time to position it so that it was compatible with the unique shape of the back of my helmet. Would purchase again.
  • It has been raining in Plymouth for the past 20 days, so it would be great to have a few dry days. I keep checking your shop to see if there is anything I might want, but for now, I’ll say goodbye and wish you all a happy new year, Phil.
  • My shoes fit perfectly. The objective was to become more noticeable to others, and it was achieved. As of now, the extra weight is fine.

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