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One of the many businesses offering cutting-edge smart lighting solutions is Govee. They are inexpensive, quite dependable, and incredibly simple to set up and adjust to your tastes.

In general, these lights appear to function flawlessly for a very long time before anything starts to go drastically wrong. That’s usually a significant bonus for us.

After all, dependability and lifespan are crucial if the whole point of a smart device is to make life a little bit easier.

When it comes to configuring them with whichever app or smart home system you are using, they are generally simple to use.

Contact the Customer Support Team

Unfortunately, this would suggest that the problem is considerably more serious in your instance if none of the suggested fixes has been able to cure it.

It makes sense in this situation to contact their customer support staff as a first step. Tell them exactly what you have done to solve the problem so far while you are speaking with them.

In this manner, they will probably identify the issue more quickly.

You could also contact your provider and request a replacement if your lights are still covered under warranty.

Try Using a Different SSID

If you are the usage of a modern-day router in your home, this is the very component that may want to be inflicting the problem.

Whereas older routers broadcast their sign on the 2GHz channel, more recent ones have an alternative to broadcast at 5GHz. Bigger number, higher signal, right? Well, no longer exactly…

As it stands, the full-size majority of clever domestic gadgets are designed to run entirely on the 2.4GHz channel. So first up, if you manifest to be on the 5GHz channel, you will want to swap it to the different channel.

Even after doing so, it is feasible that your gadget won’t be in a position to inform the distinction between the two channels.

When this happens, you will nevertheless get the connection error, notwithstanding the truth that your net may be working absolutely fantastic for your laptops etc.

The way round this is to use a exceptional SSID for every of the two channels. The cause in the back of this trade is to information your clever gadgets to solely strive to join to the 2.4GHz channel.

So, earlier than transferring on to the subsequent step, make certain that you have opened up the admin panel and modified the 2.4GHz channel’s SSID.

Your router’s position can be modified.

Another frequent reason for such issues is that the signal strength the device is receiving is simply insufficient to enable it to function. When everything else is going smoothly, it can be simple to overlook this at times.

Simply move the router and the lights closer together to rule it out as the root reason. After completing this, quickly restart your router before attempting to connect them again.

Reset the light or lights

Giving the light a fast reset is the best course of action to take if the previous remedy didn’t work. It makes sense to assume that there may be a bug or technical issue to blame for this misunderstanding at this stage.

Resetting the gadget you are working with is the quickest way to get rid of these issues. The procedure is rather easy to follow.

The lights must first be turned on before you can utilize the control box. The power button should be pressed firmly. Additionally, you must push the middle button a total of four times while doing this.

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