How To Reset LED Lights Fast

The most recent lighting technology is LED lighting. Although they’re increasingly gaining popularity, how can you reset them? Actually, it’s very easy! Make sure your LED light is initially hooked into an outlet. Then, for at least 10 seconds, push and hold the button on top of the power cord. Release the button after this period of time, then wait about a minute for it to switch off automatically before disconnecting it from the socket. Your LED lights will be restored to their factory settings after doing this, making them usable once more.

Why Resetting an LED Strip May Be Necessary

The strip occasionally misbehaves or performs incorrectly. Other than disconnecting and replugging, which is typically done after a power loss, there is no other method to reset it. This probably has to be done if you have LED lights that come on at different times throughout the day.

Your LED strip may also need to be reset if it stops functioning after installation. The strip may occasionally be erratic and require a reset for these and other reasons. You might need to reset the light strip if it would not function with that remote, especially with remote-controlled lights.

You might wish to try this as well if your LED lights occasionally switch off and then on again due to a timer or another function. It’s possible that after the timer shut them off, there was some form of interference that prevented them from functioning correctly.

Any issues can be resolved by resetting your LED strip without the requirement for additional travel for replacement components or even for professional assistance. However, you should constantly make sure that everything functions as planned because installing these can occasionally go wrong.

When Should a Led Light Remote Be Reset?

Although the majority of people don’t reset their LED light remote, there are a few situations where it might be necessary. Resetting the remote may solve the issue if your LED lights start flickering or acting erratically.

Resetting is probably your only choice if you’ve tried changing the batteries and reprogramming the remote but nothing seems to work. A reset will also solve the issue if your LED lights are not correctly receiving the remote’s signal.

How To Reset LED Lights Fast?

Method 1: Hard Reset

You will need to do a hard reset if your LED light remote is not responding to any button presses or if you have changed the batteries and the remote is still not working. Follow these procedures to perform a hard reset:

Step 1: Locate the Reset Button.

The reset button on your remote should be located first. Typically, this button is small and tucked away on the side or back of the remote. Next to the button, there will be a tiny hole.

Step 2: Press the reset button with a paperclip.

The next step is to place a paperclip or other tiny object near to the reset button. Once you hear a faint click, release the paperclip. You have successfully clicked the reset button if you hear this click.

Step 3: Keep depressing the reset button for three seconds.

You must hold down the reset button for three seconds after pressing it. Your LED light remote should be successfully reset once you’ve held down the reset button for three seconds.

Step 4: Test the Remote.

It’s time to test the remote after you’ve reset it. Turn on your LED light, then adjust the brightness or color with the remote. You should have no trouble controlling the light if the remote is functioning properly. If not, you might need to try a different approach.

Method 2: Removing The Batteries.

You can take the batteries out of the remote if the first approach doesn’t work. While resetting the remote may seem odd, it actually works fairly nicely. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Step 1: Remove the Batteries.

Remove the batteries from your LED light remote as a first step. This must be done for the transmitter and receiver.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power Button.

Press and hold the power button for around 15 seconds after removing the batteries. This will aid in discharging any remaining power in the remote control.

Step 3: Replace the Batteries and Try Again.

You can change the batteries and try using the remote once again when the power has been depleted. The remote ought to be functional and reset this time.

Method 3: Use the Factory Reset Function.

You might need to use the factory reset feature if you still have trouble getting your LED light remote to function. Although it’s the final resort, the remote should be reset and used one more. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Step 1: Locate the Factory Reset Button.

Find the factory reset button on your remote control as your initial step. Typically, this button is small and tucked away on the side or back of the remote. Next to the button, there will be a tiny hole.

Step 2: Press the Factory Reset Button.

Once you’ve discovered the factory reset button, push and hold it for three to five seconds using a paperclip or another pointed object. The remote’s LED light should be flashing. The remote has now been reset and is prepared for programming, thus this indicates.

Step 3: Comply with the programming guidelines.

You need to follow the programming instructions that came with your LED light after you’ve reset the remote.

Regardless of the brand and model of your light, these instructions should be quite simple to follow. Once the remote has been set up, you should have no trouble using it to operate your LED light.

If you have done everything suggested here and your LED light remote still doesn’t work, you might need to get in touch with the maker.


Depending on the quality of your LED strips, you may need to reset them more frequently or not at all. Your lights may not function as intended or may need to be reset more frequently than those with higher end alternatives if they are of poor quality.

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